beta testing resources

download beta 0.9.2c:
for Windowsfor Mac OS X

a key is required to use the beta — you can pre-order here to get one.

submit feedback and bug reports from the app or in our community forum.

having trouble?

>> see help & support!

you can also try an older version:
...get imitone 0.9.0d for Windows or Mac OS X 10.7+

running OS X snow leopard?
...the last compatible version is imitone 0.8.1.
(sorry — we may restore support in a future update)

using JACK on Windows 64-bit?
...get the 32-bit only version

keep in mind:
This is not the final product!

The imitone beta is a work-in-progress, and might have bugs! If you're not comfortable using buggy or unfinished software, you may wish to wait until development is complete.

imitone still has a long way to go, and your feedback aids in its completion. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the forum or via E-mail.