we are interactopia LLC, a tiny company from Ames, Iowa.  we build software for a sense of wonder.

contact us:  hello@imitone.com / @interactopia

about us

our work revolves around self-discovery through art and technology.  imitone is our first product, and we hope to bring many new voices into music.

we believe that by creating an easier way to play, we can help people young and old to express themselves by composing or improvising.  it can take months or years to learn a traditional instrument; with imitone, we want to reduce that to minutes or hours.

to make this happen, we've developed some of the most advanced pitch-tracking technology in the world: the self-attuning resonator.  we have been working for more than six years to perfect our invention, and the final blueprint is coming together.

our work is made possible by support from Kickstarter and pre-orders.

the team

Evan Balster: concept, programming, research (perfectionist)

Richard Hogg: graphic design (freelance, facts expert)

Felix Kramer: production counsel (freelance, actual wizard)

Marlon Wiebe: videography (freelance, golden pipes)

We might be looking to grow in the future. If you have the skills to make tutorial videos, manage a user community or design probability models for music theory, maybe drop us a line?