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imitone is realtime voice-to-MIDI app. transform your voice into any instrument. compose music by singing. compatible with your favorite music-making software.

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imitone imitone studio
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VST plugins check
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(VST for Windows)
app-to-app MIDI check check
slide modes slide-lockslide-holdslide-sweepslide-legato
trigger modes trigger-softtrigger-hard trigger-softtrigger-hardmystery
articulations control-expressioncontrol-velocitycontrol-vibrato control-expressioncontrol-velocitycontrol-vibrato
(coming soon)
pitch correction pitch-guidecontrol-vibrato-stable
automatic scale detection check
(coming soon)
(coming soon)
range & octave shift check +check+
simultaneous voices 1 8+
(see info)
advanced MIDI settings check
(coming soon)
keyswitch controls check
(coming soon)
tweakable tracking check
(coming soon)
…what do I get when I order?

After placing an order, you will get instant access to the imitone beta. While it's still a work-in-progress, this app is ready to use on Windows and Mac OS X. Updates are free, including the finished app.

You will also gain access to the imitone VST alpha for Windows.

While imitone has some of the most advanced voice pitch recognition in the world, it isn't perfect yet. It can take some practice to get good results. We are committed to improving our technology until it works like magic.

…is there a mobile app?

Not yet. We are working on apps for iOS and Android, which will have a separate beta test.

This pre-order does not include access to any mobile apps.

…is there a free trial?

We are striving to make a tool that works like magic, and it isn't there just yet. We will make a free trial available when it does.

The beta is available for those who can't wait to get started with imitone, or who want to support the project.

Follow the project below, and we will E-mail you when a free trial is ready.