basic imitone troubleshooting

imitone won’t start!

  • Normally, a dialog prompting you to report an error will appear if something goes wrong. If you see one, please fill it out and choose “Send to imitone HQ”.

imitone is crashing!

  • Fill the report and choose “send to imitone HQ”. Include your e-mail address to get help from our team. (link to this article)
  • You can also use the feedback button to make a report. 

Nothing happens in imitone when I sing.

  • Try picking a different mic or input channel in setup. This might not work if another music app is using the mic, because of device exclusivity (link to that article).
  • imitone won’t make sound unless it’s switched to “instruments” mode.

My music app isn’t playing any notes.

  • Try turning on volume auto-adjust, and check your audio input to be sure imitone can hear you.
  • Make sure that the midi output is set to “imitone app-to-app”. Otherwise, imitone won’t send any outgoing messages for your music app to receive.
  • Check the “other app” icon in setup for warnings. (link to the article about the setup interface)
  • Check that your music app’s midi input is set to imitone. If it isn’t detecting imitone as an input, try restarting it, or refreshing its device list.
  • Set up an instrument for recording in your music app. If your app is set to control something other than an instrument via midi input, you won’t hear notes.

I can play notes, but they’re very quiet…

  • Try turning on volume auto-adjust and check your audio input.
  • Try increasing the volume (velocity) of notes in imitone, or turning power control off.
  • Sometimes imitone’s built-in instruments get stuck on quiet settings. Pressing the sleep button (“power button” icon) twice can un-stick them.

imitone is playing notes that aren’t there.

  • See the tips in sound clarity.
  • Move the gate volume up. It could be that imitone is picking up background noise and thinking that it’s singing.
  • Try tidier settings, like hold mode.

imitone is playing the wrong notes.

imitone is playing notes when I’m not singing.

  • See the tips in sound clarity about finding a quiet place. Motors, electric hums, music and talking can confuse imitone.
  • If volume auto-adjust is off, try turning it on. See if it blocks out the noise.
  • Sometimes, auto-adjust can mistake noises for singing instead of blocking out noise like it’s supposed to. You can turn it off and set the volume gate yourself if this is the case.

The response to my voice is delayed.  (high latency)

  • On Windows: try ASIO or kernel mode for audio input. Make sure to watch out for device exclusivity conflicts!
  • Make sure your music app is also set up for low-latency audio. Once again, be careful of device exclusivity conflicts when doing this.
  • Try sweep mode or other following settings.
  • Try our experimental tech, which has a lower theoretical latency than our classic tech.

The thermometer is flashing and imitone doesn’t work.

  • A RED thermometer means imitone needs more CPU power, or the audio is out of sync.
    • Try closing other apps.
    • Try plugging your laptop in.
    • Try setting a smaller or lower pitch range.
  • A BLUE thermometer means the audio is frozen.
    • Try re-selecting your audio input.
    • Try a different microphone.

My throat hurts.

  • Singing is hard work! Take a 30-minute break and drink some tea or water.

This didn’t help me solve the problem.

  • Please get in touch with us so we can help.
  • Remember, if you see an error report, fill it out and click ‘send’. (link to this article)