troubleshooting: graphics issues on Windows

Are you seeing “no hardware-accelerated graphics”, a black screen with no UI, or experiencing some other graphics-related crash in imitone? Here are some of the most common solutions to these graphics problems for you to try.

Affected usersWindows users, mostly with older computers and Intel graphics chips.  Often, computers with this problem will also struggle to play certain games.
SymptomsAn error message appears, referring to problems with imitone’s graphics or window. These error messages will usually link to this page.
CauseYour graphics driver is buggy or out of date, causing problems with imitone’s “OpenGL” renderer.
StatusWe’ve worked to reduce the number of computers affected, but sometimes hardware graphics just aren’t available.  In these cases, it’s up to the user to use one of the solutions below.

Solution 1:  Update imitone

If you are running an older version of imitone, and you’re connected to the internet, a message will appear with a link to the latest download.

Update to the latest imitone, in case that fixes the issue.

If the problem still happens, send us at least one error report for our records, and try solution 2…

Solution 2:  Update your graphics drivers

This is the best solution and will get imitone working well.  You can usually download the latest graphics drivers from the maker of your graphics chip.

This problem most commonly affects PCs with Intel graphics drivers.

>> Click here to get the latest Intel graphics drivers. <<

Not sure?  Adobe has also written helpful guides on this topic:

Updated graphics drivers can’t fix a broken or missing graphics card, and sometimes the latest version of a graphics driver can still be buggy.  If this solution doesn’t work, you can tell imitone to work without any graphics driver:

Solution 3:  Re-install with MESA Graphics

This solution will get imitone working.  It will still appear jagged and a bit laggy, but it’s a big improvement over Windows’ built-in software rendering.

  • Download the latest imitone for Windows:
  • Run the installer.  Don’t worry about uninstalling older versions of imitone.
  • Proceed past the license agreement to the “Choose Components” screen:
    Our installer's Choose Components screen.  The category called 'Fixes & Tweaks' is highlighted.
  • Open the “fixes and tweaks” submenu.
  • Check the box labeled “Graphics: Mesa”:
    Our installer's Choose Components screen.  The item called 'Graphics: MESA' is highlighted.
  • Finish installing imitone and run it.

imitone will appear pixelated when using this software graphics driver (Mesa3D).  It will also use more CPU power while running.  To remove the software graphics driver, simply run the installer again without the “Graphics: MESA” box checked.