0.13.1b — VST fixes + Mac OS preview

A screenshot of the imitone VST loaded in REAPER.

We’ve ironed out several quirks in our VST plugin — including one that could cause it to play in the wrong key!  Our plugins now support all the settings from the imitone app.

We are making steady progress with VST plugins for Mac (to be followed by AudioUnits for Logic and GarageBand).  We’ll be releasing previews of the Mac VST plugin on our Discord channel next week — join here to be among the first to try it out:  https://discord.gg/kr7RCuXHkf


  • VST plugins are now enabled by default in the installer.
  • The VST2 plugin now installs to Common Files on Windows.
  • VST now supports default velocity and voice boost settings.
  • VST now supports vibrato range parameter (not present in GUI).
  • Default velocity is more clearly labeled in settings files.
  • Removed support for saving settings in the old XML format.


  • Fixed a crash when encountering audio interfaces with >32 channels.  (The limit has been increased to 48.)
  • When setting a scale the key would sometimes revert to C, F or G.
  • GUI for velocity, voice boost and vibrato range all work now.
  • Fixed a rare crash when detecting the key and scale after a change.
  • Fixed mis-numbering of scale degrees (eg. “#1010”) in raw VST view.