beta testing resources

download beta 0.10.0c:

for Windowsfor Mac OS X

read the manual for help getting started.

you need a key to use the beta — pre-order here to get one.

this is a work-in-progress!

we are still fixing bugs and improving the way imitone understands your voice.

feedback from beta users helps us make imitone better.
share comments and bugs from the app or in our forum.

having trouble?

» go to help & support!

Try an older version:
...get imitone 0.9.2 for Windows or Mac OS X 10.7+

OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
...the last compatible version is imitone 0.8.1.

Windows with 64-bit JACK
...the 32-bit only version is immune to a bug in JACK for Windows.