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#1 2016-08-29 21:56:19

Registered: 2016-08-29

Live use a a "player guitar" ?

I was wondering if I can use imitone, and a MIDI guitar hybrid together live. (I can't play guitar)

I would LOVE to hum into a high end cardioid microphone, (tight pickup pattern)

and then STRUM that note (chord?) on a MIDI guitar (use guitar only to input rhythm strumming pattern of note i'm humming into imitone

Is this remotely possible?

how would the MIDI chain look in software?

By the way; everyone there at imitone makes a great product, you DO need to know about midi a bit, and (I hate to say it) you should know how to sing a little. :) haters need to calm down a bit. Everyone is working hard to iterate a great product, I've already used this on a few wonderful commercial projects as a non keyboard player it's a life saver.


#2 2016-09-05 10:21:42

creator of imitone
From: Ames, IA
Registered: 2014-05-23

Re: Live use a a "player guitar" ?

Hey, Mystic ---

Hmm.  This is an interesting question.  If there are tools to do what you're describing, they would probably be MIDI effect plugins ---- but I'm not sure.  It sounds like a very specialized thing, but one that somebody with a little experience in MIDI plugin scripting might be able to throw together.

You could feed imitone, with scale locking enabled, into a MIDI chord effect.  From there, you would need something very particular to filter out notes from that chord based on the notes played on the MIDI guitar---so that it turns from a block chord into a strum.

As a function this is pretty far outside imitone's current scope, but I'll keep it in mind as a possible usage in the future.


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