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#1 Re: Bug Reports » ----==== BUG REPORTING GUIDELINES -- PLEASE READ ====---- » 2016-08-04 07:36:30

Hi Evan, This version is working better than previous, However I'm finding it difficult to sing in quick notes as the tracking seems to miss them and all I get is one longer note.

#2 Bug Reports » 0.6.1 » 2014-11-03 09:41:33

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This version on mac does not appear to work at all
the best so far is still 5.3 version


#3 Bug Reports » High CPU, No Sound, & records only short notes » 2014-10-12 11:20:54

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Very Cool device this is,  I'm running a Mac Pro 2Ghz, OS 10.7.5, Logic Pro 9.1.8, and a PreSonus Firepod, also in 64bit and 48Khz mode.
6.0 runs but no sound, will not accept long notes, and thermostat is boiling, {ha Hight cpu}
On the other side like some previous reports version 5.3 works, good sound level, Thermostat at room temperature, reads long notes but a little wobbly
Can't wait to see this puppy running perfectly

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