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#1 Tutorials » imitone under ubuntu » 2020-05-28 16:04:12

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Hi friends sorry for late reply because of corona virus i dont have so much time free however i want to let you know that imitone works perfect under ubuntu with wine 5.0 also i wanted to let you know that you can use imitone with any keyboard i use yamaha e353 but should works fine with others too. You can use any instrument from keyboard but for that you need use midi ox works under ubuntu with wine or windows. Any question you may have leave a comment.

#2 Re: Tutorials » Coming soon: Music software to use with imitone on Windows » 2020-02-16 03:54:58

Hi Evan. As i promise i will make some video.
Hi everyone
Im gonna do some video also present some apps that works with imitone you all maybe already know it or no but also how to use and what you can do as for some time now i have tested imitone with my keyboard(Yamaha) too.
Al i want and ask you is to excuse me for my english (Speaking) im not so good at i will try if no i will use writing.
As i just good my laptop still have some work to do on it then i will be start makingig tutorials.

#3 Bug Reports » The procedure entry point initonceexecuteonce » 2020-01-20 14:16:41

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I know sound crazy installed new windows xp with sp3 in my laptop dual boot with windows 7 and wanted to try it out in windows xp

Now installed drivers etc.. installed imitone succesfully in windows xp but when i start it i get this error
The procedure entry point initonceexecuteonce could not be located kernel32.dll
Please help
log content

Binary: C:\Program Files\interactopia\imitone beta 0.7.0\imitone.exe
Log folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Dell\Application Data/com.interactopia.imitone
Active Memory: 0 B
Instantiating game...
Initializing Console...
  initializing with pg.ini
Console is GO.
Initializing Program...
Initializing Universe...
Initializing Clock...
Initializing Random...
Initializing Storage...
Initializing Graphics...
Text is GO.
Graphics initializing...
  #0: 1366x768, 60hz
Built with SDL v.2.0.0
Running with SDL v.2.0.3
Configuring graphics...
  Attempting GL 3.0 (debug), MSAA=4
    Acquired GL 3.0 (debug), MSAA=0
Initialized GLEW
    GL version: 1.1.0
    GL vendor: Microsoft Corporation
    GL renderer: GDI Generic
    No GLSL support...
GL Extensions: GL_WIN_swap_hint GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_paletted_texture
   Warning: targets unsupported.
   Warning: multisampling unsupported.
   Warning: shaders unsupported.
   Warning: blend equations unsupported.
   Warning: vertex buffers unsupported.
   Note: vertex arrays unsupported.
OpenGL debug output: None found...
glErrors prior to void __thiscall plaid::GraphicsImp_SDL::setVsync(bool): 1280
Full trace:
  bool __thiscall plaid::GraphicsImp_SDL::windowSetup(class plaid::Point,bool,bool)
  __thiscall plaid::Graphics::Graphics(const class plaid::ModuleSet &,bool)
  __thiscall plaid::ModuleSet::ModuleSet(class plaid::Program *,int,char **)
Screen FBO: #0, size 500x550
Stereo: 0
Graphics are GO.
Initializing Audio...
Initializing Player...
MIDI Devices:
|-0: `Microsoft MIDI Mapper' out
|-1: `Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth' out
    (showing preloader)
Initializing GUI...
GUI is GO.
Initializing Network...
Initializing Scripts...
All modules are GO.
PlaidGadget / Project: Savior
Early Development Version.
Built on or after Jan 27 2015, 09:47:24
PlaidGadget is GO.
: Multisampling does not appear to be possible.
: Vertical sync switched on
: Running task `imitone.key_entry'...

Running game...
: quit: Shutting down...
: quit: Shutting down...
Shutting down Plaidgadget..
Task Modules shut down.
Shutting down: Scripts
Shutting down: GUI
Shutting down: Console
Shutting down: Graphics
Target destroyed: 0
Shutting down: Audio
Shutting down: Network
Shutting down: Player
Shutting down: Clock
Shutting down: Randomizer
Shutting down: Universe
Shutting down: Storage
Shutting down: Program
Plaidgadget shutdown complete.
Active Memory: 0 B

[Game terminated successfully]

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