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#1 Re: Projects and Experiments » imitone with Flute » 2015-06-02 14:08:08

Thanks Evan! I'm glad you liked and I'll pay a bit of attention to the triggering issue now that you mention it. I love the software already and I'm looking forward to its maturing and improving. Looks like the top tier version doesn't separate itself from the lower tier yet but I hope you'll be providing us an upgrade path when it does. Cheers!

#2 Projects and Experiments » imitone with Flute » 2015-05-30 08:53:56

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Hi all;

First post, so a hearty hail and well met to everyone. I've been experimenting driving synths with my flute and I think you've nailed this Evan! In my rig I use a Fishman Triple Play to drive synths with my guitar and no doubt I'll be using imitone to drive synths moving forward. Here's a link to a recording I came up with my first night with imitone as a proof of concept...

I gave imitone a shout out at post #156 of the following thread (on a guitar synth centered forum) and a description of my rig may be found there if that's of interest to anyone... … 106952#new

I'm only a year and a half into the synth game but very happy I ran across imitone to be part of the journey. I'm using the lower tier version but I'm interested to learn more about what the upper tier version brings to the table and how I go about upgrading to that version. A truly polyphonic and stable imitone would offer so many interesting capabilities; can't wait!


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