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#2 Bug Reports » imitone goes to open but keep on freezing » 2016-02-26 14:59:51

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<Plaid/Gadget> Error Report (level 1)
on 2016-2-26 at 20:49:1

Binary: C:\Program Files\interactopia\imitone beta 0.8.1\imitone.exe
Run-time Error: (CODE #9KU5)
Application Freeze

Freeze Monitor
Main Thread

"PortAudio initialization"
bool __thiscall plaid_portaudio::Driver::initialize(void)
__thiscall perilymph::Devices::Devices(class perilymph::App *)
__thiscall perilymph::App::App(class plaid::Universe::Entity &)
"Task Launch"
void __thiscall plaid::Program::handle(class plaid::Command &)
void __thiscall plaid::Console::handle(class plaid::Command &)


I keep on getting this error report as I try to open imitone any solutions to the problem?

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