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#2 Re: Q & A » Accidentally Ordered imitone Twice » 2016-09-24 08:50:52

Hey, you know what? Just consider the other $25 a "donation" toward further development. The overcharge was due to my crappy WiFi connection, in the first place, and I realize I'm not going to get my money back, anyway.

#3 Re: Q & A » Percussion Capability? » 2016-09-24 08:46:17

Yep, it does look rather limited, and not any more advantageous than using a MIDI keyboard with velocity and aftertouch.

#4 Re: Q & A » Accidentally Ordered imitone Twice » 2016-09-22 23:19:30

Seriously?! 5 views and not one response?! I was charged twice for the product.

#5 Q & A » Accidentally Ordered imitone Twice » 2016-09-21 19:08:16

Replies: 4

The download didn't initiate the first time, so I went through the order process again and finally got the download and installed it. I wasn't sure if my card had been charged twice or not until I read my email and found I had been sent two license keys. I used the second one of these to activate with. Now, I just need a refund of $25 for the first order, which was never completed because I didn't receive the product the first time.


#6 Re: Q & A » Percussion Capability? » 2016-09-18 16:53:26

Wow! That was pretty cool. The guy at 2:05 was doing pretty much what I'm talking about doing. Now, if only I had the money for the gear, plus about a year to learn about electronics! I'm a mixed-media sculptor and painter, so the "maker" thing is something I'm already familiar with, to a limited extent. I just never learned squat about electricity.

#7 Re: Q & A » Percussion Capability? » 2016-09-18 14:21:57

Thanks for the reply, Evan. Good to hear from the one and only imitone expert (so far).  ;)

Well, I guess, for now, the plugins you've mentioned and maybe just tapping on the microphone would be the best approach for triggering unpitched percussion. I'm most interested in jazz, so getting the hang of controlling an entire drum kit, one piece at a time, is challenging. I've tried it before in Mixcraft, recording individual tracks for snare, hi-hat, toms, bass drum, etc, but it's a rather clumsy way to go and very difficult to get an authentic sound with human feel.

#8 Re: Q & A » Percussion Capability? » 2016-09-18 00:22:51

Handmusician wrote:

Hi Gary,
Yes you can trigger every Sound from Voice, but it Will not Works if You Just breath,or whisper. That said there's a percussion feature planned, useful for beatboxer, That mode could help in detection of whispering sounds but no guarantee on it.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I only mentioned breath control as I thought it might work, also. But, now that I recall, from watching a video demonstration by a musician in the Netherlands, he was showing the real-time input of imitone while he was talking about it, between singing, and, while imitone did pick up his voice as he spoke, it didn't register it as notes. So, I've concluded since that imitone will only trigger MIDI notes as the result of vocalized tones, via either singing or humming. I suppose whistling works, too, doesn't it? At any rate, then, one could trigger any percussion instrument sounds by the same method used for all other instrument sounds.


#9 Re: Q & A » Percussion Capability? » 2016-09-17 19:03:01

Seriously? 20 views and no one has a thing to say?!

#10 Q & A » Percussion Capability? » 2016-09-10 15:52:22

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Hi, great product, from what I've seen, so far. I'll be ordering a copy soon. Meanwhile, I noticed that in the NAMM video, the multi-microphone demo included a live drummer playing actual drums. This got me wondering if imitone will be capable of working with percussion sounds in a DAW or not. I would imagine it can, as any sound made through a microphone should trigger whatever sample is selected. So, if a drum sample is selected, it should be easy enough to trigger it via one's voice, breath, making clicking or clucking sounds with one's mouth or even tapping on the microphone with a finger, right?


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