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#1 Re: Q & A » Long time in Beta? » 2019-04-30 13:56:04

Well said, couldn't agree more with you.

#2 Re: Updates » imitone Beta 0.9.2d » 2018-11-20 13:49:37

Yup, awfully quiet here these dayz ..

#3 Feedback and Suggestions » Just a thought: another workflow. » 2018-11-20 13:33:44

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Dear all,

Picture this situation:

I am sitting in the train.
A melody pops up in my head.
I grab my Iphone and open the Apple app Voice Memos.
I sing in the melody and save it.
The melody file is automatically synced via icloud to be available at my macbook, which i use for music production.

I come home, open my favourite DAW, insert imitone as a (wished for) VST plugin on a Track and import the voicememo melody audiofile onto that Track.
I play the audiofile through imitone VST and it spits out the corresponding MIDI notes.

Presto ! Great !!

IMHO, i think i am not the only one which could work this way.
Bottom Line: imitone as a VST plugin woudl be very much wished for in these cases.
I am very sure many people have a similar workflow and don't necessarily need imitone as a standalone app to sing in a melody "ad-hoc"
They could be away from their computer music workstation, being mobile and just record their melodies that pop up in their head with a voice memo app.
They would then want to use imitone afterwards.

Any opinions ?

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