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#1 Q & A » imitone Jumpy voice recognition » 2017-05-04 00:17:52

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Hallo - new imitate user here.
first thing - this program idea is amazing it solves a lot of problems for me as a guitar player communicating with my DAW...

but I seem to have a problem with getting a stable note from the software-
when I try to write  some midi with the program I get a lot of extra notes, even when I turn the vibrato off and sometimes its even recognizes the wrong tone completely but I guess that's related to the pitch correct. when I whistle the midi recognition is a bit more stable but still "jumpy"... I guess I'm not the first one with that and id like to know maybe how to solve it or what's the right way of using it is there any guide that addresses this issue?

all and al great program and I'm happy to support this project!

sorry for my bad English :)

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