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#1 2021-12-05 14:55:32

From: Olympic Peninsula, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

imitone Beta 0.11.0

imitone Beta 0.11.0

December 2, 2021

Adds basic support for MIDI 2.0 and some quality-of-life enhancements.

Windows:  Download
Mac OS X:  Download  (OS X 10.7 and up)

JACK users running Windows 64-bit should install the 32-bit only version.

Change Log:

System Changes:

- Integrated MIDI 2.0 discovery engine.
  - A two-way link is used to scan for MIDI 2.0 information.
  - MIDI 2.0 "program category" is used to auto-configure instrument preset.
  - This requires another app or device with MIDI 2.0.
  - Disable this feature by switching to "MIDI 1.0".

GUI changes:

- Redesigned dashboard with toggles for audio input and output.
  - If no other sound is playing, turning on sound output enables mic playthrough.
- Redesigned setup screen.
  - Simplified troubleshooting diagram.
  - Windows audio modes relabeled for clarity.
- Added a horizontal/vertical view option.
  - Changes the direction of piano roll and note tracks.
  - Reflected in slide mode and vibrato buttons.
- Adjusted interactions between vibrato control & absolute pitch.


- Fixed a severe memory leak when there is no audio input.
- Fixed a memory leak when using exact pitch for long periods of time.
- Fixed a memory leak when watching the main screen for long periods of time.
- Windows app-to-app MIDI no longer reports 8 connections instead of 1.
- Various internal bugfixes.


#2 2021-12-06 11:18:13

Registered: 2021-09-05

Re: imitone Beta 0.11.0

Hi Evan,

>> 'Fixed a severe memory leak when there is no audio input.'

Glad to see the memory leaks fixed, especially this one which was voracious and could crash the VST as well as the standalone.

Touch wood after a few hours testing all seems in order except for a new cosmetic bug with the interface of the standalone app looking poorly anti-aliased. Not a deal breaker but it does detract from the attractive interface and wasn't a prob in vs 10.

Not seeing any new functionality in terms of playability but I was already very happy with the improvements you made to pitch bend, etc in the previous update.

Note sure how the midi 2.0 features will be useful (or what they actually do) but it's good to see the new standard being supported (not clear to me yet as to how widely it will be adopted).

Keep up the good work


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