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#1 2015-04-08 14:07:15

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

[external] Windows Blue Screen (in ks.sys) when opening imitone

Affected users:  Windows users with certain screen-capture or audio-capture software installed.

Symptoms:  When imitone starts up, the computer experiences a "Blue Screen of Death" and has to restart.  "ks.sys" appears in the error message.  The same problem may occur when using ASIO4ALL or certain other software.

Cause:  imitone is triggering a bug in another piece of software, causing the system to crash.

The error is caused by a bug in an extension which has been added to Windows' ks.sys driver in order to capture sound on its way to the speakers.  The extension driver does not properly pass imitone's API calls, causing the system to crash.

Known offenders include:

  • NCH Software's stdriver, which is included in SoundTap and Debut Video Capture.

Status:  To my knowledge, imitone is not at fault for this problem.  I will be investigating ways to prevent imitone from triggering these errors, but I cannot fix bugs outside my own software.

I will also be looking into a way for imitone to detect these extensions and provide a warning about them before start-up.

Instructions:  Uninstall the offending driver.  Note that some software will leave the driver in place when uninstalled, making this a difficult process.


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