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#1 2015-10-14 06:43:52

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Theroetical background

Have you published anything regarding your techniques and/or algorithms? Based on how many scientific and engineering techniques make use of Fourier analysis, and it's related imperfections, your techniques could be invaluable for improving instrumentation and analysis.


#2 2015-11-11 13:09:07

From: Seattle, WA
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Re: Theroetical background

Hey, Void --

imitone's technique is a new approach that was prototyped when I knew little about audio analysis.  I specifically avoided Fourier analysis, knowing that people far more capable that myself had tried and failed to solve the realtime pitch tracking problem in that way.

The technique is patent pending and involves some trade secrets, but the basis of it is a harmonic isolator (called the SAHIR) which rapidly adjusts its fundamental frequency to synchronize with periodic activity in the signal being analyzed -- I have been researching and refining its operating principle for several years now.  Here's a very old Kickstarter post about it. (the patent threat mentioned there was an April Fools' day joke).


#3 2015-11-20 22:34:35

Registered: 2014-06-01

Re: Theroetical background

As a physicist, I can tell you that your techniques could be very valuable for science and technology, depending on the particulars of how it works and its relative tradeoffs. Working around the limitations of Fourier analysis is no small amount of hassle. I am one of the people who would very much like to know about your new technique, because it may have applications to work I am doing or will do in the future. However, I cannot even consider using it for anything beyond humming tunes without knowing how it works. This is not just my preference; it is standard practice to not use anything for which the operating principles are not understood. For example, unpublished techniques cannot in general be used in federal and most state contract or grant proposals. Therefore, even from a business perspective, publication of your techniques is both important and prudent.

While you have a patent pending (although I should note that I was unable to find it when I searched), a patent alone is generally not sufficient for anyone to understand what is going on, not the least because of the awful manner in which patents tend to be written. I myself have a patent pending and I couldn't tell you how anything I did worked from reading it due to how thoroughly it was turned into legalese and made as general as possible by the lawyers. What I can tell you from experience is that when performing literature searches to try to solve an issue, most scientists purposefully exclude patents from their searches because they know they will be unintelligible. Scientists and engineers look for peer reviewed journal articles first, and let legal check for the patents later. Lastly, as you pointed out, a great many people have worked for a long time on refining Fourier Analysis. Once published, that same approach would be applied to your techniques, giving you access to improvements for your own products and services.

I hope I have made something of my case for why you should consider publishing your techniques. If you need a hand with publishing, I can offer my services as a scientist and technical writer, but regardless, I very much hope that at some point I will be able to take a look at how your methods work, and perhaps even contribute to them in some small way (beyond my meager KS contribution).


#4 2015-11-21 07:17:42

Power Tester
From: North France
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Re: Theroetical background

You make me think about something.
Modern science seems to join spirituality with quantum theories. we are probably hologram beings, every part of us contains all of us including voice.
So i wonder if resonator cell could be useful for health app using voice analysis like here :
deeper than this using microtonal analysis, looking for the unique fundamental note of a person...

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