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#1 2016-05-12 12:56:26

Registered: 2016-05-12

imitone Use With Musicraft 7 Pro And Melodyne Studio 3

I am a complete noobie to imitone and DAW recording in general. I would like to use imitone's MIDI Voice Control capabiities with both Musicraft 7 Pro and Melodyne 3 Studio Standalone. My goal is to easily lay down hummed or sung voice parts, see them as MIDI notes in both Musicraft 7 and Melodyne 3 Studio and then add various VST plugin instrument and effects. Can imitone do this with these programs? What would I need both HARDWARE and SOFTWARE to accomplish this? I also heard that imitone may need more than 1 ASIO Driver to accomplish its magic? Is this true? I'd like to not have to install 2 ASIO Drivers and I would also like to monitor recording using 2 ASIO Driver with no latency. Thank you in advance for your help and understanding that I know these are stupid Noobie questions!

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#2 2016-05-27 13:40:02

From: Seattle, WA
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Re: imitone Use With Musicraft 7 Pro And Melodyne Studio 3

Hello --

imitone can do this.  I would recommend a spare USB microphone if you're going to record in your DAW and use imitone at the same time---music apps don't like to share audio inputs.  (When the imitone VST is ready, this will no longer be necessary.)

To do what you want, record audio from the first microphone in your DAW, while having imitone listen to the second microphone.  Record MIDI from imitone at the same time (it plays notes just like a keyboard).  After recording is finished, you may use Melodyne normally.


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