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#1 2016-07-21 11:28:03

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

imitone Beta 0.8.2

imitone Beta 0.8.2

July 14, 2016

This update introduces the note interpreter stage, improving imitone's translation.
The internal pipeline was enhanced and prepared for next-gen development.
A few improvements from 0.9.0 research were added to the tracking system.

Windows:  Download
Mac OS X:  Download  (Likely incompatible with Mac OS 10.5)

Change Log:

No new features.


Added a new "interpretation" stage to imitone's pipeline.
    - Fewer drop-outs.
    - Transitions between notes are much less erratic.
    - Generally improved sense of control.
Various parts of the tracking algorithm were improved.
    - Deep bass voices now track much better.  (But not vocal fry!)
    - "Octave-down" errors were substantially reduced.
    - Improved behavior during long pitch slides.
    - The latency difference in "reliable" mode was reduced by about 30%.
    - Adjusted and fine-tuned various parameters.
Altered imitone's settings file format.
    - 0.8.1 settings will be lost.
    - It is a little easier to change settings like range by hand.
    - The settings file now includes a few helpful comments.
CPU usage was reduced by 10-20%, depending on machine.
Note mode is now called "slide mode".  Renamed "slide" option to "sweep".
Settings are preserved better in multi-channel performances.
Auto-adjust was adjusted (ha) to better tolerate irregular tones.


Fixed a crash related to device selection.
Fixed a graphics-related startup error.
imitone now properly remembers the trigger mode setting, among others.
Fixed a bug that caused stuck notes in certain receiving apps.
Fixed an issue where imitone would leave notes playing when closed.
Fixed a problem with sticking notes during sleep mode.
Various other small fixes.


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