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#1 2016-07-21 12:11:22

From: Olympic Peninsula, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

Collecting a Performance Snapshot

If imitone is using too much CPU, its thermometer icon will blink red and yellow, issuing warnings.  There are various reasons this might happen,

With imitone open and no other music apps open (unless the problem only happens with other apps open):

  1. Ensure that the thermometer is blinking.

  2. Click on imitone's interface, then type "@" (shift+2 on most keyboards).

  3. Try turning on sound check (with headphones on!) and see what you hear.

  4. Hold the "C" key down for a few seconds while making sound, to take an audio sample.

  5. Hit control-R or command-R to open imitone's data folder.  Look for these files:

    • profile_dsp (this is most important!)

    • capture.wav (if you recorded an audio sample)

    • log.txt

  6. Post a reply to your existing topic, start a new topic in fine tuning, OR send an E-mail to

    • Attach the files listed in bold above.  To attach files in the forum, use the uploader tool and paste the resulting link in your post.

    • Describe whether the problem only happens with certain settings or microphones.  (vocal range on a built-in mic is a good baseline!)

    • Mention whether sound check produced a garbled or glitchy sound.

    • Mention whether the problem happens when only imitone is open.

    • Mention your imitone version, OS version and describe your audio setup.

For now, imitone can be a bit of a CPU hog, which is rough on older computers and low-latency recording setups.  As development continues, I'll be optimizing it to take less power and we should see fewer of these problems.


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