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#1 2014-06-18 09:35:18

Power Tester
Registered: 2014-05-30

(0.5.1c) Expression vs Volume - small "bug" in the Readme.txt ?

Quote from the Readme:

The expression switch (peach) enables continuous loudness control when open.  [CC 7]

From testing, it seems imitone is sending CC 11 (expression) rather than CC 7 (volume) when this switch is engaged, no ?
(which I'd consider logical btw., given the name "expression switch" :))

Also I've noticed, when this switched is turned off, imitone still seems to send some fixed CC 11 (value 126) from time to time.


I'd think maybe this shouldn't be (expression switch off = no CC 11 sent at all ?)

And an unrelated thing:

A "always in front" pin / option would probably be nice for the standalone version, because currently it always hides under the DAW when maximised.

Thank you.

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#2 2014-06-18 11:21:36

From: Olympic Peninsula, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

Re: (0.5.1c) Expression vs Volume - small "bug" in the Readme.txt ?

Yeah, I use CC11 -- I'll correct that in the readme.  As to the messages when a feature is off, I was having a problem where I would switch a feature on, change instruments, switch it off and change back, and the old instrument had that setting "stuck" at whatever value it had when I'd swapped away.  There's probably a better solution than sending zero-states with every message, though...

Always in front is a great suggestion and one that I've already been planning on.  I just need to figure out how to implement it.


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