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#1 2014-06-30 10:47:27

From: Olympic Peninsula, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

[workaround] "No hardware-accelerated graphics" (broken UI on Windows)

Affected users:  Windows users, mostly with older computers and Intel graphics chips.  Often, computers with this problem will also struggle with certain games.
Symptoms:  imitone is slow and takes lots of CPU power.  Edges look jagged.  Parts of the interface may be invisible.  imitone will show an error report when starting up.  It may link you to this page.
Cause:  imitone can't access hardware graphics and Windows substitutes a low-quality software renderer.
Status:  Workarounds are available for users with this problem.

Solution 1:  Update imitone

If you are running an older version of imitone, and you're connected to the internet, a message will appear with a link to the latest download.

Update to the latest imitone, in case that fixes the issue.

If the problem still happens, send us at least one error report for our records, and try solution 2...

Solution 2:  Update your graphics drivers

This is the best solution and will get imitone working well.  You can usually download the latest graphics drivers from the maker of your graphics chip.

This problem most commonly affects PCs with Intel graphics drivers.

>> Click here to get the latest Intel graphics drivers. <<

Not sure?  Adobe has also written helpful guides on this topic:

Updated graphics drivers can't fix a broken or missing graphics card.  If this didn't work out, we provide an alternative:

Solution 3:  Use Software Graphics

This solution will almost always get imitone working:

  • Download the latest imitone for Windows:

  • Run the installer.  Don't worry about uninstalling older versions of imitone.

  • Proceed past the license agreement to the "Choose Components" screen:
    Our installer's Choose Components screen.  The category called 'Fixes & Tweaks' is highlighted.

  • Open the "fixes and tweaks" submenu.

  • Check the box labeled "Graphics: Mesa":
    Our installer's Choose Components screen.  The item called 'Graphics: MESA' is highlighted.

  • Finish installing imitone and run it.

This graphics driver (called MESA3D) uses your CPU instead of your graphics card to create imitone's visuals.  This may put some additional strain on your system.  To remove the software graphics driver, simply run the installer again without the "Graphics: MESA" box checked.


#2 2014-06-30 10:55:03

From: Olympic Peninsula, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

Re: [workaround] "No hardware-accelerated graphics" (broken UI on Windows)


DaveTone -- also encountered a BSOD and black-screen issues
lee46 -- encountered various other problems when applying workarounds


#3 2014-07-08 20:03:36

Registered: 2014-06-03

Re: [workaround] "No hardware-accelerated graphics" (broken UI on Windows)

Ultra-high CPU usage; LMMS (my Digital Audio Workstation) does not recognize that imitone exists and does not respond to midi data from imitone.

However, LMMS knew something was different:  In addition to using massive CPU while it's on, imitone makes the LMMS CPU usage skyrocket also --- as if maybe LMMS was trying real hard to work with imitone.  While they're both open, imitone uses 50-65% CPU, and LMMS uses 48%.  Overall CPU usage shows a constant 100%.  Then, as soon as I exit imitone, LMMS CPU usage immediately drops from 48% to 3%.

Dell Optiplex 330; Windows XP; I don't which Intel graphics card is inside

here's the log.txt:

Binary: C:\Program Files\interactopia\imitone beta 0.5.3\imitone.exe
Log folder: C:\Documents and Settings\bshropshire\Application Data/com.interactopia.imitone
Active Memory: 0 B
Instantiating game...
Initializing Console...
  initializing with pg.ini
Console is GO.
Initializing Program...
Initializing Universe...
Initializing Clock...
Initializing Random...
Initializing Storage...
Initializing Graphics...
char bits = 8
Text is GO.
Graphics initializing...
  #0: 1280x960, 60hz
Built with SDL v.2.0.0
Running with SDL v.2.0.0
Initialized GLEW
    GL version: 1.1.0
    GL vendor: Microsoft Corporation
    GL renderer: GDI Generic
    No GLSL support...
GL Extensions: GL_WIN_swap_hint GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_paletted_texture
   Warning: targets unsupported.
   Warning: multisampling unsupported.
   Warning: shaders unsupported.
   Warning: blend equations unsupported.
   Warning: vertex buffers unsupported.
   Note: vertex arrays unsupported.
OpenGL debug output: None found...
glErrors prior to void __thiscall plaid::GraphicsImp_SDL::setVsync(bool): 1280
Full trace: 
  bool __thiscall plaid::GraphicsImp_SDL::windowSetup(class plaid::Point,bool,bool)
  __thiscall plaid::Graphics::Graphics(const class plaid::ModuleSet &,bool)
  __thiscall plaid::ModuleSet::ModuleSet(class plaid::Program *,int,char **)
Screen FBO: #0, size 500x550
Stereo: 0
Graphics are GO.
Initializing Audio...
Initializing Player...
MIDI Devices:
|-0: `Microsoft MIDI Mapper' out
|-1: `Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth' out
    (showing preloader)
Initializing GUI...
GUI is GO.
Initializing Network...
Initializing Scripts...
Registering script bindings...
All modules are GO.
PlaidGadget / Project: Savior
Early Development Version.
Built on or after Jun 29 2014, 22:43:06
PlaidGadget is GO.

Running game...
: Registered: Audio
: Registered: Audio_Amp
: Registered: Audio_Pan
: Registered: Audio_Pitch
: Registered: Clock
: Registered: Console
: Registered: Geometry
: Registered: Material
: Registered: Figure
: Registered: View
: Registered: Graphics
: Registered: Player
: Registered: Program
: Registered: Random
: Registered: Plaidgadget
: Multisampling does not appear to be 
:     possible.
: Vertical sync switched on
: Running task `imitone.key_entry'...
Key unlocked edition: imitone-core
  API 0 'MME' (*) with 6 devices:
  |- 44100      2i `Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input'
  |- 44100     +2i `SoundMAX HD Audio'
  |- 44100      8i `Live! Cam Virtual 1'
  |- 44100  2o     `Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output'
  |- 44100 +8o     `SoundMAX HD Audio'
  |- 44100  8o     `Live! Cam Virtual 1'
  API 1 'Windows DirectSound' with 6 devices:
  |- 44100     +2i `Primary Sound Capture Driver'
  |- 44100      2i `SoundMAX HD Audio'
  |- 48000      8i `Live! Cam Virtual 1'
  |- 44100 +2o     `Primary Sound Driver'
  |- 44100  8o     `SoundMAX HD Audio'
  |- 44100  8o     `Live! Cam Virtual 1'
  API 2 'ASIO' with 1 devices:
  |- 44100 +8o +2i `ASIO4ALL v2'
  API 3 'Windows WDM-KS' with 5 devices:
  |- 44100 +8o     `Speakers (SoundMAX HD Audio)'
  |- 44100     +2i `Microphone (SoundMAX HD Audio)'
  |- 44100      2i `Rear Input (SoundMAX HD Audio)'
  |- 44100      8i `Microphone (Live! Cam Virtual 1)'
  |- 44100  8o     `Line Out (Live! Cam Virtual 1)'
MIDI device: Microsoft MIDI Mapper
MIDI device: Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
Created virtual MIDI port
Audio driver: portaudio v19...
  MME| Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
  MME| SoundMAX HD Audio
  MME| Live! Cam Virtual 1
  Windows DirectSound| Primary Sound Capture Driver
  Windows DirectSound| SoundMAX HD Audio
  Windows DirectSound| Live! Cam Virtual 1
  Windows WDM-KS| Microphone (SoundMAX HD Audio)
  Windows WDM-KS| Rear Input (SoundMAX HD Audio)
  Windows WDM-KS| Microphone (Live! Cam Virtual 1)
Initialized audio stream: format Int32-Separated, buffer size 1024
Connecting to input: SoundMAX HD Audio:0 -- success
Using sequencer settings from config...
: Running task `imitone'...
Shutting down Plaidgadget..
Resonator rack destroyed
Task Modules shut down.
Shutting down: Scripts
Shutting down: GUI
Shutting down: Console
Shutting down: Graphics
Target destroyed: 0
Shutting down: Audio
Shutting down: Network
Shutting down: Player
Shutting down: Clock
Shutting down: Randomizer
Shutting down: Universe
Shutting down: Storage
Shutting down: Program
Plaidgadget shutdown complete.
Active Memory: 0 B

[Game terminated successfully]


#4 2014-11-03 20:53:46

From: Olympic Peninsula, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

Re: [workaround] "No hardware-accelerated graphics" (broken UI on Windows)

sizemore -- I think in your case the software rendering is just eating up all the system resources, causing LMMS to starve.  :(  Try going through the graphics troubleshooting guide.


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