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#1 2018-01-06 20:05:39

Registered: 2018-01-06

Instant gratification - exceeds expectations

This software is wonderful. It works straight out of the box, even for someone like me who, with only a rudimentary understanding, runs a fairly complicated DAW and VSTis, and regularly fails to observe the most basic necessities such as routing (see below).

I downloaded imitone this morning (easy peazy) and spent some time reading this forum. It took only a moment to run imitone and "set it up" with my interface - ie I changed "Built In Input" and "Output" to  "Octacapture" (my interface) which I had only just remembered to switch on as imitone was opening.

All the appropriate input/output options were available in the dropdowns for the 3 fields in imitone set-up. With the vertical slider, I lowered the volume limits as there is someone asleep in the house and I wanted to keep my voice very low. Probably it would be too low to "make imitone work", I thought.

Other than correcting the Audio In and Output to accord with the change I had just made to my hardware options by switching on my interface, there was no set up required.

Fired up Cubase and made a new project. 
Made a MIDI track for which the input "imitone" was instantly available and selected.

Set output to Cubase's standard sound engine "HSE" and selected a  Trumpet sound from my Halion Symphonic Orchestra library .

Put headphones on and checked studio speakers were off.

Spent a few minutes recalling how to route a mic (Rode NT1-A) through my 8 channel interface. Made the sensitivity moderately high.

Tried humming - No signal in the midi track assigned to imitone, so I made an audio track to test my mic and audio routing. Fixed the audio routing.

Still no signal in the imitone track. Then I remembered it's an 8 channel interface, went back to imitone SetUp (nicely still open on my desktop, and beautifully simple and easy to read).

Switched the imitone Audio input from its default Channel 1,  to Ch 7, where the mic was plugged in.

Was muttering very quietly to myself as I did this, a foot from the mic, so I was almost literally blown away when a trumpet began playing, quite musically, so that at first I thought another project, or iTunes or something, was somehow playing.

It was amazing and gratifying to find that even my off-mic mutterings were dealt with so splendidly by imitone. I changed my muttering to a very, very quiet and un-projected sort of humming with the vaguest suggestion of a tune but not enough breath to aim for accurate pitch (something I appreciate, and know when I hear it, but don't produce vocally without effort).

I found I was instantly accompanied by imitone's more musical trumpet line, which incidentally sounded more musical and realistic than any I have managed so far with keyboard and programming.

The imitone window did sprout cheerfully uncritical balloons saying "tone not clear", which were easily ignored. After a  minute or so I realised the balloons were for me, moved closer to the mic, and the trumpet sounded even better.

I am sure this software is going to give great pleasure to anyone who likes to compose/improvise vocally. I love its ease of use, responsiveness, clear layout, large high-contrast font and...well, I must go and try it some more.

Thanks Evan and all the best with the project.


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