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#1 2019-03-11 02:42:47

Registered: 2019-03-07

Unsure if there's already a way but, i suggest "hold last played note"

I really need a way to get the last played note or chord being held for a certain release time.
I uses ToneSpace to get somehow chords, i'm yet unsure how to make it do "the cords i want" but it does "the chords its preset has".
I thought about getting "Cthulhu chord vst" thingie.

Furthermore, i'd explain what i need as this:
I'd need the software to difference fast and slow pitch changes and muting. It'd be cool if it could also output CC data about all sorts of "particularities" like "nasal", "vowel", stuff.
I'm using the software with voice wither recorded or live.

Somehow, parameters related to other instruments could also be created, but somebody "more knowledged about musical instruments" should add his "2 cents" and explore the idea of "what vowels, breath, mute, volume" be to "my" musical instrument.
Picking... Chords, beat interval... Note bending. fret sliding. And making some kind of "connectivity matrix" like "Fl studio Sytrus synth" with parameter outputs and "what attributes the software should be looking for" in the instrument being used. Or voice.

But really, currently, all i really need is a way to hold the last played note until "next note" and/or "mute" and/or "timeout".
I'm using VST version of your software because it's really awesome.
The current "trick" i tried but haven't entirely succeeded is to use a "pitch exciter". MH Thump percussive subharmonic synth.
I'm using it to stretch out any voice that gets in. So that it somewhat generates a note.

But the note generated is too short. It doesn't hold. I really need a stable cut between notes.

What it'd be nice like is somewhat this:
short notes should be differenced from long notes and short notes and long notes should both have the option to be held ON or muted OFF.
A stretch could be done so ON held notes that are short could get the first to hold longer than the last. Or the last longer but the first shorter.
I wonder if Tonespace has arpegiators?

So well now... Imagine if i would sing and make multiple notes one after another while using the "noodle" or "bend" presets.
Imagine the notes would all be "stretched out" and "held" longer. In polyphony. And imagine i mute. And that no more sound is to be heard.
The chord stops after a delay or any other muting parameters previously mentioned.
So, if i sign but not loud enough, or that i am not straight enough to maintain a note, or that i just talk or whisper, i would still get a note.
And the not would be sustained for a good length. And i could have control on multiple parameters giving me the ability to fine tune the way chords are managed from monophonic and polyphonic analysis, considering tools like tonespace and cthulhu as being part of the chain between "this" and "that" but also considering that an arpegiator would be cool or some internals for polyphony.

So by the way, there, i'm using this tone generator, MH Thump, and it somewhat make the notes last longer.

Bot nowhere near as good as if you guys would create the first feature, first, and it's features, and some of the other suggested features also, whenever later, by order of priority from "holding last note" to "managing polyphony in multiple combined ways". Or in the world we live in, creating "procedural sheet music".


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