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#1 2020-01-25 15:29:23

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

imitone Beta 0.10.0

imitone Beta 0.10.0

January 16, 2020

A big update featuring our next-generation pitch tracking technology.

Windows:  Download
Mac OS X:  Download  (OS X 10.7 and up)

JACK users running Windows 64-bit should install the 32-bit only version.

Change Log:


Introduced experimental 0.10 pitch tracking technology.
    - Enable with the "atom" icon.
    - Powered by a machine learning model which will continue improving.
    - Greatly enhances "attack" note recognition.
    - Better at capturing brief notes.
    - Better in rooms with reverberation.
    - Susceptible to low-frequency interference.
    - Significantly higher CPU usage, pending optimization.
Reworked imitone's volume interface.
    - The "max" slider was replaced by a volume knob.
    - When loudness control is off, the knob controls velocity.
    - When loudness control is on, the knob controls mic gain.
    - Moved the automatic pitch light for clarity.
    - Added a velocity/expression curve control to imitone studio.
Renamed "slide mode" to "following" and consolidated it with pitch guide.
    - exact pitch disables key & scale.
    - pitch guide is implicitly on except when exact pitch is set.
Simplified the volume & vibrato controls.
    - controls are now hexagonal on/off switches.
    - eliminated the "stable" vibrato setting (which did nothing in 0.9.2)
    - controls now say "imitate" instead of "on".
Miscellaneous UI changes.
    - Added a warning about Windows basic audio's high latency.
    - Modified the about screen and added some new credits.
    - Various small changes.
Eliminated the fast/reliable tracking setting.
    - You haven't seen the last of tortoise & hare!
Various internal/engine changes.
    - Significantly restructured graphics and antialiasing code.
    - Made some major structural changes to imitone's internal processing.
    - Various other changes.
Bundled version 0.9.2g of the plugin with the Windows installer.


Fixed start-up problems related to framebuffers.
Fixed a slow memory leak leading to a crash after some hours.
Fixed a memory corruption issue that could cause random crashes.
Fixed some minor inconsistencies in the internal pitch-to-MIDI pipeline.
Various other bugfixes.

Known issues:

MIDI configuration messages including mode and pitch bend range may not be sent.
The feedback & error reporting mechanism may fail with a connection error.
imitone 0.10.0 was not notarized for Mac OS X Catalina.


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