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#1 2020-02-14 17:02:52

Registered: 2020-02-14

imitone in a DAW via SynchronousAudioRouter

So, yes, I wanted to run imitone as integrated in my DAW (Reaper) because I wanted to run some pre-recorded vocals through it.
ASIO is a no-go because no two apps can share one ASIO.
imitone's VSTs - I couldn't figure out how to use them.

So I tried it with SynchronousAudioRouter (eiz @ GitHub) and it worked like a charm.

Here are the steps:
1.) install SynchronousAudioRouter.
2.) in your DAW, choose SynchronousAudioRouter as ASIO driver and hit the button that would take you to your ASIO Control Panel.
3.) in SynchronousAudioRouter's Control Panel choose your main ASIO card as Hardware interface.
4.) in SynchronousAudioRouter's Control Panel hit Add and add one Recording type channel and one Playback type channel, name both imitone.
5.) hit OK to close SynchronousAudioRouter's Control Panel.
6.) in your DAW choose some other ASIO, then, choose back Synchronous Audio Router ASIO. This is required for DAW to re-read ASIO's inputs and outputs.
7.) in your DAW enable all inputs and outputs SynchronousAudioRouter is now offering.
8.) start imitone, choose Setup, set mode to Instruments, then, set audio in to type basic, interface imitone (Synchronous Audio Router), also, set audio out to type basic, interface imitone (Synchronous Audio Router), set MIDI out to imitone app-to-app.
9.) in your DAW, send the vocal track to hardware outputs imitone
10.) in your DAW, open one audio and one MIDI track, set audio track's input to imitone and MIDI track's input to imitone app-to-app. Hit record-enable and monitoring on those two tracks.



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