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#1 2017-08-18 09:54:42

Registered: 2014-11-16

routing audio from other apps to imitone (mac)

I had a system working, but somehow - after an unknown number of (other) app upgrades - something's off.
Don't feel like paying for Loopback (yet), but I thought it could be done with soundflower or even Audio hijack.

(currently in a CFS' brain fog, so even the normally obvious escapes me from time to time ...)

thx for you help


#2 2017-08-18 10:38:34

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

Re: routing audio from other apps to imitone (mac)

Hey, JohJoh —

I definitely have users out there connecting imitone via SoundFlower.  If that doesn't work for some reason, maybe send me a feedback message using the in-app button (or an error report if imitone explodes).  That will give me some technical information to look at.  Any details you can provide about the current setup are helpful.

Other than that, I'm currently working on VST and AudioUnit versions of imitone, and I've been thinking about adding support for ReWire.


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