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#1 2019-10-16 08:29:03

Registered: 2019-10-16

I do not know how to put audio output in FL Studio

Help!! I can't find audio output for imitone to fl studio!!

FluxBB bbcode test

FluxBB bbcode test


#2 2019-10-25 17:54:30

From: Olympic Peninsula, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

Re: I do not know how to put audio output in FL Studio

Hello, Vocalato —

These settings look correct.  When controlling another app, imitone won't actually use its audio output except when Sound Check is enabled.  The important settings are imitone's audio input, FL Studio's audio output and the app-to-app MIDI between them.

In your E-mail I saw that you had selected Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth as FL Studio's MIDI output.  This is a weird pitfall with Windows — if you connect to the wavetable synth, ASIO output to your speakers may not work until you reboot your computer.  FL Studio's MIDI output is not important for connecting with imitone — only its MIDI input which should be set to imitone.


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