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#1 2022-03-30 15:32:29

From: Olympic Peninsula, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

imitone Beta 0.11.1

imitone Beta 0.11.1

March 30, 2022

This update makes imitone easier to use for live performance,
via nuts-and-bolts improvements to settings and multi-voice.
Part of a code overhaul paving the way to better plug-ins.

Windows:  Download
Mac OS X:  Download  (OS X 10.7 and up -- but see Known Issues)

JACK users running Windows 64-bit may need to install the 32-bit only version.  (Try the 64-bit version first)

Change Log:

New Features:

- imitone studio users have more control over vibrato.
    - Vibrato range can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 semitones.
    - Mapping button cycles CC1, CC78 or aftertouch messages.
- Added a button to refresh the list of audio devices.
- imitone studio can now save and load multi-voice setups.
- Settings may now be saved and loaded using the keyboard.
    - Use control-S and control-O on PC.
    - Use command-S and command-O on Mac.
    - imitone studio can save full multi-voice setups.
    - "Retry" refreshes device list when loading full setups.


- Moved to a new JSON format for settings.
- Auto-saved settings are restored more thoroughly at start-up.
    - Multi-voice setups may optionally be restored.
    - "Safe mode" restoring is now optional via a yes/no prompt.
    - "Safe mode" loads settings even if no audio is set up.
- Settings are no longer lost when audio is disconnected.
    - Most settings can be changed even if audio is not set up.
- Improved tooltips for multi-voice setup.
- Pitch Bend Range button is more visible.


- Setup menus can no longer run off the edge of the window.
- Octave shift no longer scrolls notes in the wrong direction.
- The "application froze" prompt now cancels if the app unfreezes.
- Fixed "lingering" Pitch Bend range button.
- Pitch Bend Range is now properly loaded from files.

Known Issues:

- Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7–10.11 seems to be broken.
    - Any information you can report is valuable.
- Certain features behave oddly when multiple voices are set up.
    - The "sounds" menu may behave inconsistently.
    - Voices may be lost when attempting to change MIDI outputs.
        (workaround: select MIDI output with only one voice active)
    - Voices are deleted if the audio input is changed to "off".


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