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#1 2015-04-01 20:00:40

Registered: 2015-04-01

imitone / Cubase/ vst instructions?

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imitone / Cubase/ vst instructions?

I can’t get imitone through to my vst or midi recording in Cubase. I know it is said there are extra settings – can anyone help with how to complete this.

Gave it an hour of trying but nothing:

My current setup attempt:  (win7 pc cubase7 / midi keyboard with audio io)

I have a usb midi keyboard with audio inputs – an novation xstation that is setup through usb to my win 7 computer – I have the shure mic into the keyboards audio system which I have used all the time to get it to cubase

I turn on the keyboard – open imitone and  set up my keyboard settings:

            Audio input:  ASIO / novation USB ASIO Driver
             MIDI Output : to device /  x-station
              I see note changes in imitone based on voice input into mic ( through keyboard)

Then opened  Cubase 7  with a prior project using NI Kontact VST ( then tried others)

        I do set input routing for the midi channel to imitone - all else to x-station
             Hitting my x-station keys , I an see midi being recorded and hear vst sound .
             I sing through imitone, see that imitone showing good volume and notes changes
             I see the singing audio as a level change in Cubase

Yet I never hear anything from imitone input or see notes recorded in the midi  like with my key presses

Is there other setups I need.

Thanks in advance - steve


#2 2015-04-08 12:25:39

From: Seattle, WA
Registered: 2014-05-23

Re: imitone / Cubase/ vst instructions?

Hello, Steve --

You want imitone's output sent to its Virtual MIDI driver -- otherwise the "imitone" device you see from your DAW will produce no MIDI.  Routing it out to your x-station lets you use imitone to control hardware through the x-station's output interface, but if there's a DAW involved you should probably do that routing there.

As far as I can tell, this is what you want for routings:

imitone -> imitone virtual MIDI

imitone virtual MIDI -> DAW MIDI #1
DAW midi #1 -> x-station MIDI out
x-station audio in -> DAW audio in
x-station MIDI in -> DAW MIDI #2

This is food for thought, though...  I never shut off the Virtual MIDI driver while imitone is running, so maybe MIDI data should always be routing there, even if another device is selected for output.  Hmm....


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