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#1 2016-02-10 06:56:12

Registered: 2016-02-09

imitone best results

Hi! pu t here your best results with imitone. I tried a lot of daw's and my best results are normally with the same kind of stuff. So: daw was reason with asio 4 all (very short latency) after i choose a electric bass or synth, this case the "nasty bass". (Must be something that capture all your sound's harmoniccally, the ones with more effects for me do it better than violin, sax or all the other, cause they capture better (everything).
My imitone was with everything on (bend and mod on makes it better to capture without so many errors, but no so instrumets use this nicely or without sounding bad). My volume bar is in the minimum and maximum. Mike (chat one) glued to the cheeck). After i capture, i chosse the bass i realy wanted! I find bertter to capture everything with nasty bass or other more "modern" and after transpose to a sax or a normal bass.

Latency is for me the most important thing and choosing the inst and imitone right options: training!!!

If we share best results we can help each other. If i achieve making a song i'll put it here!

thanks Evan!


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